About Moe Moe

Moe Moe is the affectionate nickname Nicole’s grandmother gave her as a child and 23 is the address of her grandparents’ home. A tribute to her grandmother, the name Moe Moe 23 is befitting for Nicole’s creative journey.

The jewelry pieces of Moe Moe 23 are crafted solely or collectively utilizing sterling silver, fine silver, semi-precious stones, wood, leather, crystals and shells in her pieces. Nicole’s use of semi-precious stones is not only appealing to the eye; stones are used for their healing properties as well.


About The Artist

Although creativity is in her blood, she started handcrafting jewelry by chance over 20 years ago.  While entertaining out of town guests in a well-known Baltimore tourist area, she came across a store which sold an array of beautiful beads.  The marketing strategy encouraged creativity by allowing the customer to make jewelry and then purchase the materials used during the process. Once Nicole made her first pair of earrings, she was hooked.  On the horizon is Nicole’s fondness of creating abstract art.  She expresses her creative curiosity in the abstract via the use of wood, metals, paint and acrylic in her work. She also enjoys painting murals.  Recent works can be found on display at a local area restaurant. So watch as she dissects her mental images and assembles them in reality!

I feel it's important to give back to the community. Therefore a portion of the websites sales will be donated annually to the following causes: the homeless, war veterans and childrens art programs.

Thanks for visiting and supporting!